Phoropter/Refractor maintenance requires a proper cleaning once a year. We offer the most comprehensive phoropter/refractor care program in the industry to keep you working all year long.

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The EyeDeal Way
Assuring Phoropter/Refractor performance for years to come

Our technicians will clean your phoropter/refractors for maximum life and operation, our process includes the necessary actions that keep a Phoropter/Refractor working to it's highest performance capability. Our program includes:

  • Schedule your yearly phoropter/Refractor cleanings
  • Inspect the entire phoropter/refractor
  • Complete dissassembly of the unit
  • Lubrication and cleaning of all lenses
  • Diagnosis of any needed repairs or replacement
  • The best phoropter/refractor cleaning promotion in the industry
  • Eyedeal Equipment cleans more than 300 units per year
Our Promotional Offer

The EyeDeal phoropter/refractor cleaning program is the best in industry, offering service, value and customer experience that will ensure day to day lasting performance of your Phoropter/refractors. Don’t delay in extending the life of your phoropter/refractor, with a program like this you will be glad you did!

Phoropter/refractor 1

Schedule one phoropter/refractor cleaning at regular price of $295.00

Phoropter/refractor 2+

Receive EACH additional phoroptor cleaning for just $149.00


We will provide you a FREE phoropter/refractor loaner during service, a $75.00 Value if rented seperately.

Phoropter/refractor Reconditioning Process

  1. Your refractor / phoropter/refractor is partially disassembled.

  2. All mechanical parts are inspected, cleaned and lubricated with the proper lubricants, then repositioned correctly and adjusted for a smooth operational touch.

  3. All optics (lenses and prisms) are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and checked.

  4. All scales are inspected, cleaned and aligned.

  5. We lubricate and adjust the main support PD and convergence controls, reading rod arm and the top locking device.

  6. We inspect, clean, lubricate the loupe turrets.

  7. We adjust all the control knob tensions to the correct and smooth operating industry standards.

Yearly Maintenance is Critical... extend the life of your phoropter/refractor!

Call EYEDEAL Equipment today or fill out the form below to get your phoropter/refractors scheduled for their factory recommended yearly cleaning!

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